donderdag 23 december 2010

Hi grade, low validity army books by Mathias X

Hi bloggers, a new post so soon? Yes of course! I'm 'working'  so I've found all kinds of interesting things to share with you. I came across a site hosting some high quality custom homebrew armybooks filling the nooks and crannies of the warhammer word. Click on the link below to download the books:

Sorry for the delay!

Sorry for lacking any backbone in keeping this blog updated. I know, I've been lazy and haven't updated my lavish and rich stories on how my undead army is proceeding, because indeed it is! No pictures now since I'm at 'work' but that can change.

In the mean time I'd like to focus some attention on the new gw miniatures comming out next januari (of februari for that matter). As some of you might know they're expanding the skaven line with some awesome new stuff. Too bad I came too late with the idea of hosting these myself (and profiting from the extra influx of viewers to my most wonderfull of wondrous blogs).

As of yet there's new models spotted for:
  1. Hellpit Abomination
  2. Doomflayer weapon team
  3. Hellpit catapult
  4. Warplightning cannon
  5. A guy named Ikit Claw

donderdag 9 december 2010

Background foundation of the undead army of Miragliano

Shadowqueen of Miragliano (Vampire lord)
The shadowqueen of Miragliano is a vampiress that has lived for many centuries in the city of Miragliano where she was born. Before she became the shadowqueen, she was known as Constanza da Miragliano, princess of the city state. However in the endless layers of deceit, adultery, pleasure seeking and other abominations in court she met with the vampire count Reinhart Guhlfach from the empire. As the two met more and more often under the shadows of the night, enthralled by the counts embrace, Constanza finally accepted the counts embrace of the dark kiss, turning her into one of the undead.