donderdag 23 december 2010

Sorry for the delay!

Sorry for lacking any backbone in keeping this blog updated. I know, I've been lazy and haven't updated my lavish and rich stories on how my undead army is proceeding, because indeed it is! No pictures now since I'm at 'work' but that can change.

In the mean time I'd like to focus some attention on the new gw miniatures comming out next januari (of februari for that matter). As some of you might know they're expanding the skaven line with some awesome new stuff. Too bad I came too late with the idea of hosting these myself (and profiting from the extra influx of viewers to my most wonderfull of wondrous blogs).

As of yet there's new models spotted for:
  1. Hellpit Abomination
  2. Doomflayer weapon team
  3. Hellpit catapult
  4. Warplightning cannon
  5. A guy named Ikit Claw
My spelling probably rats me out being a no-know on the vermin breed but hey I've got pictures so whats more important? I shamelessly ripped these from another site so bear with me with the spamtext on it. Hey I'm just providing a mirror so their photobucket doesn't get overloaded to frequently. Well here they are in no particual order:

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