dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Constructing a new game; Residuum!

So I've started the construction of a new game system that, initially, will use the miniatures of several existing game systems. The idea is that it's a small skirmish game where a 'magic' lord along with a warrior and several minions will invade an area (usually populated city) to loot residuum. Residuum is a compound required either for magical rituals, as a fuel or as a financial product. However more than one lord needs the same residuum so battles are fought over the stuff in the confines of a city populated by unsuspecting villagers.

The game focusses around this theme, and requires the terrain to be more than a nice visual. Tables can be overtrown for cover, doors can be barricaded by barrels, civilians can be used as living shields or as macabre offerings for some new skeletons. This interaction is what makes the game unique as well as the dirty tricks one can employ to change the flow of battle.
Click this link to join the discussion that will lead to the formation of this game system, or click this link for the 6 factions.

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