woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Another day for creativity, and ... for plotting the future

Hi fellow bloggers, today's another day to celebrate creativity. Yesterday I've finished the earthborn dire troll I've started only the day before. I think it looks awesome and I'm particularly content with the way his eyes turned out. I went for a 'standard' colorscheme to go as the scheme is simply fantastic (why change right?). For those interested in stealing my colors:

  • P3 troll blood base 
  • Vallejo white (highlighting the blue, adding more and more)
  • Black wash (home made, similar to badab black)
  • Vallejo model colors ochre green, bone white and ivory for the teeth
  • Hormagaunt purple for the mouth parts 
  • Schmink airbrush brown, scorched brown, calthan brown, snake bit leather (in that order) for the rocky parts
  • P3 Rucksack tan for the cloth, adding devlan mud 
  • white, black, foundation orange and tau sept ochre for the eyes.

Today I've started painting the Worg of the Waxing moon to act as my uberbad-ass varigoulle for my vampire counts army. The vampire count army shall contain very, and i really mean very, little games workshop models, as their vampire count line is simply horrendous. Absolutely hate the dire wolves and zombies, but apart from the skeletons and overprized blood knights, all other models suck as well.

Here's the stand-ins I'm planning:
Lord and heroes
Vampire - 1 2 3 4
Necromancer - 1 2 3
Wight king - 1 2

Skeletons - games workshop skeletons
Dire wolves - gamezone dire wolves
Bat swarms - Reaper bat swarms
Corpse cart - games workshop corpse cart 

Grave guard - Still a big ?, anyone idea's?
Spirit host - some cool spare figs painted ethereal

Cairn Wraiths - Probably some confrontation limbo d'acheron figures, not sure which yet though

So to show you some of the first WIP's of the Worg/Varghulf:

On an entirely different note; today me and my girl went and ordered our wedding rings. Although the ceremony, party, flowers etc. all are still miles away we've decided on a date (21 june 2011, mid-summers eve) and we have the rings in the pipe line. Now hopefully the rest will fit in snugly with the job hunt etc. 

See you all and till next time.
IG out

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