donderdag 28 oktober 2010


Yes, the black coach is still a fiction of my army, but yesterday I've been building a prototype out of cardboard to check for scale purposes. I felt like a genuine arts and crafts wizzkid building his own foldable dice as the entire model was cut out of one piece (at first).

It was clear that the first model was too high for scale purposes so its size was decreased a full cm in height to result in the picture. Although I'm satisfied with the scale, the model itself wasn't perfectly cut and measured resulting in flaps not fitting for example, but the idea was met. Of course it will need ornamentation, driversseats a carrosery/suspension, a place for the baggage carrier to stand, a baggage storage, yoke, horses, paint for that matter and some TLC. Though the part that might rub in to my hairs is that is an angled box, whereas the concept has curvature.

I used google sketch-up to make a basic print (free software) of the fold out without flaps with you can download here (for all those leeches).

The ornamentation will probably be made of greenstuff while I'm still looking at dollhouse things for the ornamental metal brackets that suspend the driverseats and such.

Keep you posted.

2 opmerkingen:

CJ zei

I think it looks pretty decent for an home made build coach. looking forward to your future progress on this model should be a nice concept!

Irongollem zei

Jup, once I get home I should upload the progress. The concept turned into a plasticard model which now has greenstuff work done onto it as well as a rider. Paint and wheels still need to follow.