zaterdag 23 oktober 2010

Continuing the undead horde

So still not sure how I want to go at the coach. I continued on my undead figures today and finished the necromancer. Another great confrontation miniature that is joining my, still storyless, vampire army. The guy with the banner to the right will be my wight king BSB, while the skeletal figure on the left has no true purpose yet. The figure originally is a Lich, but I'm considering him as another necromancer or as a wight king. The picture also shows the scale of the worg I finished earlier, and you can see it's impressive!

Tried some OSL on the necromancer both from the tip of the staff (poorly visible in this angle) as well as the open hand. I'm considering to to the reflection of the light also on the figure that is supposed to go besides him, although I'm utterly uncertain who that is going to be. Hope I can get some comments there!

IG, out!

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