dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

New dawn, the starting of a blog

Welcome to everybody. This is the first post of my first blog, a series of mind-boggeling ventilations of a biologist, an artist, a wargamer, or simply said...me. My name is Jeffrey, although I go around by the name of the purposefully misspelled irongollem, which refers to an metallic version of the creature we know also as smeagol.

Enough about this, I'd like to initiate this first post with something interesting to read and see. I was recently asked by the people at CoolMiniOrNot.com to provide them with some better shots of my awesome plague hulk. They are creating an annual picture book with the most awesome figures on their site, and I'am invited! No ofcourse I am honored to be asked for this. Eleven years of playing and painting off and on in the wargames hobby finally (took a while) paid it's dues. I've added a picture of the beast. It's largely a mix of airbrushing different sickening colors along with some hand painting of the actual diseased parts. Also the rusty area's have quite some pigment powders on it.

Awesome plaguehulk
So thats about it this first post, more a starter than a well-thoughtout message into the world. Hope some of you will think of this as interesting and come along into the next bundle of posts so it will be worth while to keep this one flowing.

Keep creativity flowing..irongollem out

2 opmerkingen:

Sven zei

Hey Irongollem,

I'd hereby like to congratulate you with your outstanding jo on this Plaguehulk. It truly seems like a genuine masterpiece and I for one agree that you should be up there in the spotlight!

Keep up the great work!


Zombieburger zei

Nurgle will be very pleased with this model. Great work!